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Our core services in Waste-Water & Sewage Treatment Solutions are as follows:


We design the Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) with various designs to suit the size, space and the volumes of the waste generated and Redesigning to suite future demands of the client.


We construct the Waste Water Treatment Plant with Guarantee and warranty of between 3 to over 20 years to suit the desired demands of the clients and to meet the recycling and reuse plan for the treated water


We support and train personnel in the operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) during the contract period of built, operate, transfer and commissioning.


Under the project period we maintain, supervise, monitor and we answer to the environmental regulatory authorities like NEMA and Local authorities on the behalf of the Client under the period of Warranty and Guarantee


We offer Technical advisory services in all aspect of waste water management and treatment, with guidance and recommendations to technologies to maximise recirculation and reuse of water and to minimize cost

Feasibility Study

Through Feasibility study, we identify, study and analyse the magnitude and the scope of the factors of the project and suggest or consider options of solutions to the factors (problem) identified.

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