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Natural Wastewater
Treatment system
Waste Sorting
System for
Who We Are

Rootzone Africa is a Consulting Company, Specializing in Environmental Engineering. Rootzone Africa focuses on two technologies:

  1. Rootzone Technology
  2. Bio Fertilizer Technology
Rootzone Technology

Root zone Technology is the natural method of treating and cleaning industrial and domestic waste-water (sewage, storm water, organic waste-water, oil sludge, mud)….

Bio-Fertirlizer Technology

The Bio Fertilizer Production Technology is built on the technical knowledge on how to efficiently control and accelerate the aerobic composting process….

Industries in which our services and solutions are being used effectively.
This includes treatment plants for wastewater and sludge management

Agriculture Industry

Oil Industry

Chemistry Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Mining Industry

Steel Processing

Paper Industry

Production of CD ( Compact Disc)

Production of cut flowers


Slaughter Houses

Pig Production

Dry Cleaning Facilities

Car and Train Wash

Hospitals and schools etc

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