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About Us

Rootzone Africa (TransForm af 1994 ApS ) We are a Consulting Company, specializing in Environmental Engineering. The company consist of the old company Danish Rootzone Technique started up in 1984 and TransForm af 1994 ApS which was started in 1995. Both are formed and owned by Jørgen Løgstrup.TransForm af 1994 ApS (Rootzone Africa) majors in developing, designing and supervising in natural systems for water, air and waste treatment and in urban ecology.

Topics we work on:

  1. Phytoremidiation
  2. Rootzone treatment / Constructed Wetland
  3. Evapotranspiration
  4. Mineralisation
  5. Soil remediation
  6. Air remediation / BioVentic / Indoor Climate
  7. Greening / Green Wall
  8. Composting / BioFertilizer

Our Technology

The Rootzone Technology/Rootzone filter was developed in the 1950’s. It is a biological filter, where natural treatment of waste water takes place in a soil volume, which is penetrated by roots.
During the waste water flow, the nutrient elements – phosphorous and nitrogen – are bound to the soil colloids respectively released to the atmosphere through nitrification and denitrification. The turnover of the organic substances occurs with assistance from a diverse, aerobic and anaerobic, microbial activity in the soil.

In a root zone/filter bed, more than 5,000 species of bacteria are commonly found as compared to 200-300 in the biological treatment plants. Through various research institutions, TransForm af 1994 ApS / Danish Rootzone has recorded the turnover of more than 6,000 different compounds in root zone/filter plants. The principle in the root zone method is to activate the microbial processes that actively stimulate the down-break of the toxic compounds in a specific waste water situation.

The first pilot plants were established during the sixties, and the first full scale plants were established in Israel in 1968 and in Germany in 1974. During the last centuries, experience with the root zone method has been obtained world wide and with all sorts of waste water and sludge.

Through extensive experience and research, the plant design has been improved. This has led to higher hydraulic efficiency and better dosing of the waste water and regulation of the water level, which checks the risk of surface flow in the system.

Work areas for TransForm af 1994 ApS – Danish Rootzone Technology.

  • Wastewater treatment,
  • Sludge mineralisation
  • Solid Waste handling,
  • Air purification (natural ventilation and indoor climate),
  • Ecological Urbanisation projects and Education within these subjects.

    All areas with nature based technology.
    TransForm’s main activities are within the areas of Water and Sludge Treatment, where we have over 35 years of experience, and have developed more than 800 projects, worldwide.

    Regarding to Waste Water treatment, our company started with projects of domestic wastewater treatment, but during the last 15 years, we have developed many projects within the industrial area as well. Transform af 1994 Aps is dedicated to sludge treatment and recycling of sludge products since 1987 with studies and investigations as well as project development.

Our activities today includes Treatment plants for solid waste, wastewater and sludge management within a lot of different industrial sectors, such as:

  1. Oil industry.
  2. Chemical industry.
  3. Petrochemical industry.
  4. Mining industry.
  5. Steel processing.
  6. Paper industry.
  7. Production of CD (compact disc).
  8. Production of cut flowers.
  9. Diaries.
  10. Slaughterhouses.
  11. Dry cleaning facilities.

TransForm is working world wide, for example, we have developed projects in Europe, Africa, China, India, Arabian Gulf, Australia, and South America. TransForm has also initiated the start up of sister / daughter companies in France, Colombia, Netherlands and China.