Greening the Desert with the Rootzone Technology

  1. Desert greening with vegetation.
  2. Temperature cooling up to 30oc
  3. Water recirculation/irrigation for local crop production.
  4. Improve the environmental profile.

Sewage/Waste/Sludge Treatment with Natural Technology

  1. Treatment of sewage/wastewater and sludge.
  2. Treat water locally with minimal transport cost.
  3. Highly law compliant technology and WHO approved.
  4. Sludge reduced with 95% by mineralization.

We Convert Organic waste into Bio Fertilizer

  1. Convert your waste to local fertilizer value.
  2. Raise your yields and control plant diseases.
  3. Garbage and organic waste can be transfer to Biofertilizer.
  4. High-temperature processing in a standard container with low energy consumption.